The Tents

We now have a range of tents on offer…

5m and 4m bell tents in abundance, which are great for lots of different purposes and not just mere camping.

A 3.5m nordic tipi, which is great for couples get-aways, or for just the kids while mum and dad have a tent to themselves.

We have a traditional Indian tipi of 14′ diameter which is great fun to be in.

We have a hand-made yurt, also 14 feet, which is perfect for an extended visit somewhere.

And we have a great little 12′ x 12′ marquee, which is really versatile and comes with or without walls.

Tents can be booked in combination, so you can end up with an entire canvas village to make sure there is ample dining or dancing space for the whole crew if you are in a group at a party or festival.

All tents are of sturdy canvas construction with hand crafted pegs of solid oak and natural fibre manila guy ropes. Each tent has a built-in ground sheet of thick, heavy plastic making them water proof from the ground up.

Take a look at the process of pitching a bell tent…

Turtle Tents (2)
Turtle Tents (3)
Turtle Tents canvas
Turtle Tents group
Turtle Tents erection
Turtle Tents kettle
Turtle Tents one
Turtle Tents
Turtle Tents view
Slide background
Turtle Tents marquee