How It Works

Delivery and set up

Turtle Tent Hire will bring the tents to you.
Once a booking has been confirmed and a deposit taken, Turtle Tents will load up and meet you at your chosen location.
We can get almost anywhere!

We get as close as possible to your chosen site and then pitch the tent for you using a big humpty mallet and some solid oak pegs.

We can either let you lose with an empty tent, an open opportunity to dress it up however you like. Or we can kit things out for groups of up to 6 per tent, or a nice cosy family dwelling.

Once your event is over Turtle Tent Hire will come back and make sure everything is cleared away neatly.

If you are planning a holiday and would prefer to stay at a dedicated camp site with facilities, this can be arranged.
However, there will be an additional fee for using a campsite which will vary depending on which site you chose to stay at.