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I am currently just myself, Neil Turtle.

Growing up on a campsite on the shores of Belfast Lough I was pitching tents and helping other people to do so from a young age.

Since moving to Scotland 10 years ago I have put myself through an apprenticeship in traditional wood working, restoring old tools and engaging in the techniques required to use them. I make furniture and trinkets as well as structures and buildings, all in traditional methods.

I have spent the majority of the past 5 years living in tents, including some of my own design, in Highland Perthshire and exploring parts of the North of Scotland. I have passed through hurricanes and blizzards, floods and fires in my tents. I have learned to deal with rips and tears and broken ropes and all the other bits and bobs.

It has been a hard journey but I have passed many peaceful, soulful nights with my crackling fire as my friend.

With every new challenge my experience has grown and now I am the captain of a fleet of bell tents and am very excited to offer my experience, knowledge and skills as a service to you…